COVID’19 – IRU/VI Council Chair Sensitise the Residents

Provide Wash Hand Basin, Hand Sanitizer

With reference to the pandemic disease, Corona Virus (COVID’19) being experience in the country, it’s of great need to take necessary precautions. Hence, the council Chairman, IRU/Victoria Island LCDA, Hon. Princess Rasheedat Abiodun Adu sensitise the residents on the need to take precautions and to also provide some basic preventive measures; Wash hand basin and Hand Sanitizer.

Addressing the residents, the chairman said, ” it’s no longer a news that COVID’19 is in Nigeria but taking adequate measures to prevent it very key, keep distance with sick people or someone coughing, sneezing, observe good personal hygiene, use face mask and stay indoor when necessary to curb the spread rate”.

“I urge you all to strictly adhere to the government rules guiding COVID’19, stay indoor, avoid gathering not more than 25, market women to stay indoor for 7days starting from Thursday and if need be to visit the eatery, it should be a takeaway pack. Lets obey the rules, it’s all for the well-being of the people and to help curb the pandemic disease”. The chairman added.

In attendance during the sensitization includes, the Medical Officer of Health(MOH), Council Manager, Leader of the House, SLG, Chief Of Staff, Supervisor and other staff present.


IRU/VI LCDA Media Crew
25th March, 2020

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